Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing Services assist you to boost your business, nurture brand awareness, improve customer relationships, and above all, increase website traffic.
Our offer social media experts are skilful in creating and managing high performing paid social media campaigns across different industries and verticals. We provide social media management services for social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to help your businesses grow and boost sales and generate more leads.

Grow Brand Awareness

Developing several followers on different social media channels will help your brand become the word of mouth. At Gulf Information Technology Company, our social media experts can help you increase followers, likes and shares. We always make sure that the characteristics of your followers exactly match your targeted audience.

Build a Community of Loyal Customers

Building a strong relationship via social media engagement with your targeted audience is a critical ingredient for boosting sales and conversions. Our SMM experts will help you increase engagement rate on your social media platforms for a cult-like community of clients. The more you engage with your audience more credibility you gain.

Direct Website Traffic

Social media channels are one of the best ways to direct a targeted audience to your website. Increasing your website traffic will, in turn, directly impact your business sales. We can help you drive high quality targeted traffic to your website through running social media ad campaigns. And to boost the conversion rate, we employ retargeting ad campaigns to display your brand in front of recent visitors.

Our Social Media Marketing (SMM) Process

Assigning a Social Media Manager to Your Account
Your brand will be assigned an expert social media associate to create an SMM strategy for your brand. This social media manager will also be responsible for the execution of the developed strategy. Moreover, you can communicate with your assigned social media manager via email or call at the scheduled time for approvals or recommendations.

Developing a Customized Social Media Strategy for Your Business
The assigned brand associate will identify specific campaign goals, perform situation analysis and competitor analysis, and design a buyer’s persona, to create an effective marketing funnel based SMM campaign and content strategy specific to your business.

Creating SMM Content & Advertisements Calendar
After getting the SMM strategy approval, our social media experts will create a social media content calendar and ads according to your industry needs. For quality assurance purposes we prepare it in advance so that you can review and approve content before it’s published

Optimization and Monitoring
Our SMM experts maintain and monitor all social media activities including comments, inbox messages, and reviews, and manage to respond as soon as possible. Moreover, we employ organic strategies as well that include using right hashtags, commenting and holding contests, etc. to grow your following.

Your assigned social media associate will prepare and share SMM monthly campaign reports for you so that you can review performance.