Telemedicine Solution

InfiniT Health Care / Telemedicine Solution

A web-based user-friendly and interactive online Telemedicine Solution can make it easy for clinics, hospitals or doctors to manage all the activities seamlessly in less time. Out solution offers a platform for patients to connect with doctors for fast disease diagnosis, prescription, other medical facilities, test records and much more. Patients can save their money and time through means of an online consultation, whereas doctors can look to increase their revenue and productivity.

The solution helps healthcare providers raise patient satisfaction and boost practice revenue and improve their own experience: by supplementing in-office patient visits with remote video visits, doctors can reduce no-shows, optimize their appointment calendars, and get reimbursed for after-hours consults. You can also enjoy lower overheads and reduce the expense of running a clinic.

The power of our telemedicine solution is all about getting high-quality care no matter where you are. We’re harnessing that power by connecting doctors and their patients in a safe, secure way via online web-based solution to fill the missing gaps in healthcare across the world.

You can uplift your productivity and business through:
  • Virtual treatment
  • ePrescribe
  • Stay-in-touch
  • Collect Co-pay and Bill
  • On-the-go- interaction & connectivity
  • One-stop platform with tailor-made functionalities

  • Enhanced effectiveness
  • Enables easy doctor's appointment
  • Enables video conferencing anywhere anytime
  • Easy to track operations
  • Holds a complete record of patients
  • Competitive advantage


  • Admin section for complete authorization
  • Practitioners portal
  • Patients portal


  • Manage Admin Users
  • Manage Appointments (Online & Physical)
  • Manage Allergies
  • Manage Assistants
  • Manage Multiple Clinics
  • Manage Department
  • Manage Diagnosis Types
  • Manage Diseases
  • Manage Doses
  • Manage Drugs
  • Manage Durations
  • Manage Facilities at Clinic
  • Manage Frequency
  • Manage Lab
  • Manage Lab Test
  • Manage Medicines
  • Manage Patients
  • Manage Patient Types
  • Manage Payments
  • Manage Physical Exams
  • Manage Practitioners
  • Manage Qualifications for Practitioners and Assistants
  • Manage Relations
  • Manage Reactions
  • Manage Specialties
  • Manage Surgeries
  • Manage Templates
  • Manage Units
  • Management Reports